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Welcome to John's Page O' Disclaimers!

"COIN" =

COnflict of

The purpose of this coin is to alert you, Dear Web Surfer, about the following 2 potential situations:

1. Because I am linking to a product that I have reviewed and rated "Awesome" or "Very Good", that by its very nature is a potential COnflict of INterest for me, and by extension for you. However, please note I have promised to be authentic in all my business activities (see the "John's Story" page elsewhere on this website), and I would much rather lose a sale than have someone feel they were not getting the "full story"; and

2. The products to which I provide links are not necessarily the most inexpensive out there. If you search the internet and find a much better deal, you owe it to yourself to select that one and not mine. (Just be aware of the "total out of pocket cost" including shipping.) If there is a small difference between someone else's product and mine, perhaps you'll consider purchasing mine anyway, but in the words of William Shakespeare or Ruth Buzzi (I always confuse the two), "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do". 😀

Therefore, the COIN (a quarter from 1968, my birth year) is a reminder that I may be profiting from a sale, and also that the product may be less expensive elsewhere. And please know that I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have (you can use the form below). Thanks! 😀 

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